Welcome to the Manta Ray Green List

Our MISSION is simple, “DO NO HARM” to the Manta Rays, the aquatic environment or the people.
Our INTENT is to inform and educate the public so that the Manta Rays are protected from any adverse consequences of human interaction. Industry Standards for Kona, Hawaii were created in 2013 so that tour operators have specific guidelines, but not all activity providers have chosen to follow them. The Green List of Activity Providers identifies those that do.

The Manta Rays of Hawaii have been Kona’s most unique attraction to travelers since the early 90’s. The Manta Rays amaze with their natural beauty. It is truly a world-class experience that makes an impression that lasts a lifetime.  The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the only places in the world with an accessible population of Manta Rays.
Up until a few years ago, the co-existence of humans and Manta Rays was mutually beneficial, but today there are now threats to the Manta Rays as well to the safety of participants due to non-compliance to the Standards. Our website is designed to inform you who is on our Green List of Activity Providers and what the criteria are.
You may book your tour directly or through us and we will recommend a tour operator.